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Nights Out - Eastleigh Minibus

Having a night out coming soon? Eastleigh Minibus Hire is here to facilitate a night full of fun.

Nights out are organised to have fun. We understand that it can be difficult to balance between having fun and driving. We all know that it is wrong to drink and drive or operate a vehicle under the influence of any substance.


Therefore, you should contact our minibus hire company, to take your party to wherever it is you want to go. We have a longstanding reputation as a provider of quality transfer services to the people of Eastleigh. By employing us to transfer you, all the guests in your party will arrive at the different venues on time.


We have an appealing selection of vehicles that you can use to get to the different, vibrant nightclubs in the city. From King Rufus to The Fox and many other electric clubs, you can be guaranteed of a stress-free trip.


Eastleigh Minibus Hire drivers are friendly, professional and very disciplined. They will take care of you, from the pick-up time to the end of the journey. You no longer have to risk your life and that of others by drinking and driving.

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4 Twyford Rd, Eastleigh, SO50 4HB

023 8112 0009

Mon to Sun :24 hours