About Us


Eastleigh minibus hire has been going strong for around 7 years now and we have a great reputation with customers all around the country. Eastleigh is a nice little town located in Hampshire, England. There is lots to do in Eastleigh including visiting Sir Harold Hillier Gardens or The National Motor Museum. The nightlife in the town is also bustling and well worth checking out. We are definitely the best minibus hire company in Eastleigh.

Vehicles used by Eastleigh minibus

We offer a range of vehicles, both standard and executive depending on what kind of experience you are looking for when it Eastleigh. All of the following vehicles are under 6 years old and are checked regularly by mechanics to ensure maximum safety.

Iveco 16 Seater Minibus Standard

This vehicle is very functional and looks good too. There is a back ramp if any passengers have mobility issues, there is also a trailer available on request for extra luggage.

Ford Transit 12-16 Seater Minibus Standard

These vehicles are very durable and are recommended for longer journeys because they actually require less maintenance for lengthier durations.

Mercedes 8 and 16 Seaters Executive

The 8 - 16 seater executive vehicles are recommended for small-medium groups who want to travel in style. They are attractive, really comfortable, have extra features and are pretty cost effective too.

Renault 16 Seater Standard

This vehicle has extra features for people of all ages, making it perfect for work events, funerals and so on.

Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard

This has a really good build to it, the volkswagen is a really functional vehicle that would be right for various groups of people.