Birthdays - Eastleigh Minibus

A birthday is not happy if the guests are late to the venue. That is where we, Eastleigh Minibus Hire come to the rescue. We are a transfer company, that has provided the people of Eastleigh with transportation, on their birthdays.

Where do you wish to host your birthday? Whether it is at one location or in multiple venues. We promise that transfers will be smooth and hassle-free.

There are many interesting spots in Eastleigh, where you can host your birthday party. From the Blue, Tunnel cruise to Roddington Forge, Holiday Inn, Flying Dutchman and many more restaurants and birthday parks. Our drivers will safely take you to the venue and ensure that you and your guests are comfortable, throughout the journey.

Are you holding your birthday party at night or during the day? Regardless of what time your party is, Eastleigh Minibus Hire guarantees that all transportation will be smooth. We will pick everyone on time and drop them back home in good time.

Eastleigh Minibus Hire offers a wide range of high-quality vehicles to maximise comfort and luxurious experience. Please, contact us for your birthday party details and we will take care of all the transfer details.

Contact Details

4 Twyford Rd, Eastleigh, SO50 4HB

023 8112 0009

Mon to Sun :24 hours