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Minibus and Coach Hire Prices – Eastleigh Minibus

Whether you call it a mini coach, shuttle bus, a small bus, or a minibus, they are ideal for smaller groups travelling to outings such as weddings, meetings, or sporting events. Groups and corporations rent minibusses as a cost-efficient way of moving large groups of people over short distances. We at Eastleigh Minibus offer such services conveniently and efficiently. One issue that a lot of people fail to understand is how pricing works.

How minibus pricing works

Do you remember the theory of supply and demand? If the demand for a good or service increases and the supply doesn't increase as expected, then prices go up. If the opposite happens whereby supply increases and demand fails to increase, then prices go down. It is simple as that, and that explains just about everything in the society and how pricing works.

It is expensive to travel during peak times or holidays when everybody else wants to go on holiday as opposed to the low season when employees are busy working and children are at school. During off-peak seasons, crowds are lighter as there aren't too many holidays to celebrate or a religious event to attend to. To stay in business, minibus companies have to price their tickets low for them to attract customers. We at Eastleigh Minibus price our tickets at some best rates in the market.

Low-price ticket travel tips

If you want to avoid paying for high ticket prices during high peak seasons, it would be important if you booked your ticket(s) in advance. By purchasing your tickets in advance, you will avoid the pain of feeling used or exploited during high peak season when many people want to travel to different locations. We at Eastleigh Minibus have an efficient system in place that allows you to book your tickets in advance.


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