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Whether you are heading out for a holiday with extended family, require a bit more room for your children or heading out for stag/hen weekend with your friends, cheap minibus hire helps to make the whole journey to be part of the fun. At times, size does matter a lot. However, that should not mean that quality is compromised at all. From 8-seater minibusses and coaches to those that can carry 72 passengers – and everything in between – you can always rely on Eastleigh Minibus to provide you with high-quality vehicles big enough for your trip.

Minibus hire: How cost effective is it?

Are you friends, family or business associates travelling to the same place and for the same function? Despite being weird, it would be expensive if each one of you hired his or her vehicle to ferry you to the destination where you are meeting. The money used to fuel each car could just be collected and used to fuel one car to transport all of you. In fact, chances of you and your friends remaining with some extra cash to use on the way are high.

It is cost effective to travel in one car that can comfortably accommodate all of you as opposed to each one travelling in his car. We at Eastleigh Minibus understand this, and that is why we have a fleet of one of cheapest minibusses for hire to help you and your friends avoid unnecessary costs.

Benefits of hiring a minibus as a group

There are certain benefits associated with hiring a minibus as a group. Despite reducing your expenses, you will get to bond and engage each other all the way. Additionally, you will arrive at the location of your choice together thereby avoiding other inconveniences of having to call or wait for others.


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